Digital opportunities for a appointment

Dennis Arnts
1 January 1

Due to the Corona situation, physical visits are, unfortunately, no longer possible. However, if you have questions and/or comments, our Account Managers, Business Support Consultants and Customer Service employees are available for you. Recently, they have further increased their digital skills and have good experiences with support over the phone and online like Skype and Microsoft Teams.

Our digital specialists are at your service

Of course, Grodan is there for you even during this crisis. In times when physical visits are unfortunately no longer possible, there are enough digital options to help each other remotely. Our Account Managers and Business Support Consultants are now available via the digital platforms Skype, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and Facetime. These platforms make it possible to help each other efficiently and remotely!

How do you make an appointment with one of our specialists?

That’s very easy. Fill in the form below. Our specialist will then contact you soon for a (video) call appointment. Of course, an advisory meeting is completely free of obligation and free of charge.