e-Gro release: New ‘Reports’ Module and many more

January 1, 1

Each quarter we release new features, new added value into our software platform e-Gro. Based on input from our users, we’re happy to announce the launch of a complete new module ‘Reports’ in e-Gro and many more game-changing features. It’s our goal to help growers worldwide in optimization of their growing strategies, based on reliable information. Information which is not easy to analyse. Curious what we’ve recently launched in e-Gro? View the release commercial below and read more.

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What's new?

  1. Launch Reports Module: a completely new module to generate key growing information reports
  2. Setting targets in your Dashboard: new ways of customization
  3. View information which matters the most to you via Conditions: new ways of customization and new climate parameters
  4. More adaptive Yield Forecaster: The Yield Forecaster contains a new, responsive model because e-Gro captures information from external sources and adds meteo (external weather predictions) into the platform