Grodan launches series of “User Instruction Videos” for growers

December 7, 2018

For many years Grodan has offered tailored cultivation advice to their customers via the 6-phase model, a blueprint for optimal crop results.

As an addition to this email service, Grodan has recently launched a series of User Instruction Videos, to enrich and visualise the advice provided. In total 7 videos have been developed, which cover topics such as, ‘how to create a drain hole’, ‘how to steer besides the plant hole’ and ‘how to place a GroSens sensor’. All quite practical topics, explained in 2 minutes.

The videos will be incorporated in the 6-phase e-mails for the 2018/19 cultivation, so Grodan customers will see them automatically. The videos are also available via the Grodan Youtube channel. The first responses are very positive, as it is very practical advice which if followed will optimise the performance of our substrates and sensors. As such we have the intention to expand video content in the future.

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