Trichome, a medicinal crops production facility in Israel, is the ‘Ferrari’ of vertical farms in the Middle Eastern region thanks to skilled employees, high standardization and dependable suppliers such as Grodan. The first-year results exceeded expectations, and Head Grower Steve Abboud is looking forward to continuously improving on this success, with Grodan’s support.

Since a reform of the Israelian healthcare system a couple of years ago, doctors are now allowed to prescribe natural pain relief medications to patients. Tony Levi, an expert with extensive international experience in medicinal crops, spotted market opportunities and decided to return to his native Israel to pursue his dream of setting up a high-tech production facility there. He enlisted the help of various friends and colleagues he had met over the years, including Steve Abboud.

Optimal irrigation strategy for large-scale production of medicinal crops

As the pharmaceutical industry’s demand for medicinal crops continues to grow, the sector is undergoing a shift towards large-scale, professional cultivation activities. In comparison with other horticultural crops, however, relatively little research is available about how to successfully and consistently grow medicinal plants commercially. Therefore, stone-wool producer Grodan recently conducted its own research. “Our aim with this study was to contribute to filling the knowledge gap. Our findings can definitely help growers to increase their production while maintaining the exacting standards required by pharmaceutical companies,” says Grodan’s Ben Nikaj.

Whitepaper: How Grodan and Fluence are mastering the art of growing medicinal crops

How Grodan and Fluence are mastering the art of growing medicinal crops

As medicinal crops are being commercially produced around the world on an ever-bigger and more professional scale, growers are increasingly looking for ways to achieve more predictability and uniformity across batches and crop cycles. “By working closely with Grodan, we can help our customers to achieve successful cultivation methods that result in the best possible end product in combination with a fast return on investment,” says Franz Jozef Sima from lighting specialist Fluence.

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