In 2019, by combining expertise in technology and vertical farming, Swegreen launched an in-store ‘plant paradise’ to help even the smallest retailers and restaurants get fresh, great-tasting and nutritional vegetables onto consumers’ plates with minimum inputs and the smallest possible climate footprint. “Grodan is the best solution for us in our precisely controlled circular environment,” says Sepehr Mousavi, Chief Innovation Officer at Swegreen.

It is not unusual for fruit and vegetable production to be a high-tech activity nowadays, with industrial-scale, semi-automated greenhouses and precision growing becoming increasingly common. But in line with the company motto, Swegreen is focusing on the other end of the spectrum to help shape ‘the future of farming’. “We were keen to combine our knowledge and experience of both vertical farming with advanced digital technology, data analytics and world-leading techniques to grow fresh produce as close to the end consumer as possible,” says Sepehr Mousavi, Swegreen’s Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder, who has been involved in vertical farming since the early 2010s. “We have developed small-scale indoor farming units of various sizes and production capacities so that customers can grow their own leafy greens and herbs – from seed to harvest – in their own retail stores, restaurants or hotels. Many supermarkets have in-store bakeries for bake-off products, so why not have your own in-store farm too?” he adds.

Making informed decisions in respect to water and EC management

How to fine tune the irrigation strategy during spring & summer to avoid costly mistakes using tools such as the Grodan GroSens system and the graphics function of the climate computer.

The start of data-driven growing (part 1)

Download the whitepaper about the start of data driven growing and read more what data-driven growing is and how it can help you.

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