Leverage todays newest greenhouse technology

January 1, 1

In the greenhouse, the decisions you make today have a major impact on your results tomorrow. Smart innovations like cloud solutions and Internet of Things applications are connecting the greenhouse, while Artificial Intelligence learning and Big Data are allowing growers to level-up their cultivation.

But, merging all these available tools and data to support your decision-making is complex and time-consuming. That is, until now. Grodan presents the fully redesigned e-Gro, the ultimate software platform that allows you to collect and combine the relevant data from your greenhouse and translate it into real-time insights for data-driven Precision Growing. e-Gro supports your knowledge, experience and growing strategy with real-time insights and smart recommendations based on the root zone, climate, crop and harvest data. The result:

  • Better decision making and data driven crop growth management
  • More time off and flexibility within a greenhouse as you have 24/7 access to you data remotely
  • Data can be shared with peers and external crop consultants which results into better company overview and balance within the organization
  • Grow more sustainable based on data by using less water by efficient data driven irrigation strategy
  • e-Gro helps in pro-actively make decision that help create a more balanced and stabled environment for the plant which reduces you time and costs to reactively correct the plant balance.
  • e-Gro helps to amalgamate all variables in the greenhouse to help you make informed irrigation decisions.
  • Setting up a custom graph is not intuitive and takes work to create an optimal view. Whereas with e-Gro, the data point are all on the same screen telling a story about what is actually happening with clear indications.
  • e- Gro helps to proactively make decisions that help create a more balanced and stable environment for the plant, so that you can reduce the amount of times which you have to reactively correct the balance of the plant.
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Let’s say that it is week 21 and you notice that there is no slowdown in dry back during the night. You may think that the plant is steering more generative and you may be quick to make adjustments such as night shots. e-Gro would allow you to notice not only what the plant looks like today (week 21), but give you an indication of where the plant is headed. Perhaps the plant (although presenting generative) is steering vegetative so no changes would be necessary. You just saved yourself some money in water!