e-Gro Q2 2022 release: Better growing with the launch of Crop Analytics, support centre and pepper crop optimizations

We know many of you are facing a number of challenges in your greenhouse. With harvest season right around the corner, you could likely use some extra hands! Unfortunately, with the current staff shortages, extra labor is not easy to find. Additionally, gas prices are higher than ever which makes it even more important to use your energy as efficiently as possible. At the same time, consumers are increasingly demanding high quality crops with sustainability playing an increasingly important role.

To help you address these challenges and ensure that you can deliver the highest quality crops in an efficient and sustainable way, we have worked hard on a number of new functionalities on the e-Gro platform. After extensive testing, we have implemented three key improvements that will help you optimize your growth strategy and make the best possible use of energy and labor. Click on the video below to view more. Or download the how-to-guide.

Grodan, e-Gro, Release

e-Gro Q2 Release: How To Guide

Download the PDF how to guide Q2 to explore more about this improvement.

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