e-Gro: Optimized Yield Forecaster, advanced crop registrations for more insights and an improved user experience

October 20, 2022

Being part of the greenhouse sector, we are well aware of the fact that the current season came with multiple challenges and uncertainties in your greenhouse. Gas, energy, the significantly increased inflation, and the changing climate asks for even more flexibility and creativity to adapt to this changing environment. With the required optimization of growing strategies, the accuracy, predictability, and reliability of data are, therefore, more important than ever. The decisions you make today have a major impact on your results tomorrow.

As such, we aim to support you in the best way by releasing helpful updates available in e-Gro. This release focuses on the optimized Yield Forecaster, the advanced Crop registration within the Crop module, and the optimized Conditions module for an improved User Experience (UX).

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